What is the NMTT?

The Nordic Marine Think Tank (NMTT) is a voluntary, non-profit association of persons from government, industry and research in the Nordic Countries, with experience in ocean and fisheries issues as well as international fisheries cooperation.

NMTT is independent of public authorities and economic interests. 

NMTT is a forum for open debate and dialogue, which intends to ensure that the public and global discussion on ocean, fisheries and related environmental issues takes account of the relevant scientific and best available factual information. 

Through its high-level membership and network NMTT offers its partnership for studies and reports within the NMTTýÿ19; s area of interest and competence, on the basis of non-profit contributions by the members of the association. Any surplus deriving from project activities is kept as an asset aimed at consolidating the association, which was founded in January 2012. In a longer perspective it is hoped that the NMTT will be able to finance and manage independent scientific initiatives on ocean and fisheries issues.

NMTT is registered with the Danish Business Authority as a non-profit association with the Central Business Register (CVR) number 33627017. 

Languages are: English (working language) and the Scandinavian languages (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish). 

Contact details: Nordisk Marin Tænketank, CVR 33627017 c/o Victor Hjort, nordiskmarin@gmail.com, mob. tel. +45 26246813 
Danske Bank: konto nr. 1551-3719405479 IBAN: DK3530003719405479; SWIFT-BIC: DABADKKK 

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A voluntary organisation free from political influence

Recognising society's duty to assure sustainable  exploitation and clean seas

Aiming at sobering the debate on exploitation of marine resources by input based on best available information and science


+45 26 24 68 13