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May  22nd, 2015

Now at last!

It is here - the NMTT website was launched to day.

It was long underway, but that is how things most often are when they are driven by volunteers. And that is exactly what NMTT activities are: the outcome of efforts made by NMTT fiery souls and their supporters.

The websites marks that NMTT has been around for more than three years now and seems to have come to stay.

With the website we particularly want to strengthen our communicative profile. Good ideas and innovative thoughts are of little use if they are not shared with others. And we now have something to share. Last year saw our report "Decision-making management procedures; Cost - efficiency - democracy in selected procedures in Maritime Spatial Planning". A contribution much more sexy than the title indicates, and well received by the media, our colleagues in fisheries and environment management and with international organisations such as e.g. the OECD. The report has fostered a debate in many circles but a common forum for the debate has been missing. That is what this website provides.

This year sees our report on "Allocation of Fishing Rights in the North East Atlantic - Discussion Paper". This is the result of a winter-long debate among an interdisciplinary group of Nordic fisheries experts with backgrounds in management and science on how to find a solution to one of the most long lasting and painful conflicts among the Nordic sister nations in modern times: the disagreements on the allocation of fishing rights to some of the shared fish resources. The NMTT website is certainly intended for an international debate on this in the time to come.

What comes next?

We will know after our Annual meeting in Torshavn, Faroe Islands, in early June 2015. It all depends on what the NMTT activists are "burning" for: Will it be something on how to reverse the burden of proof in fisheries management?, something on growth in Nordic blue bio-economy? - or may be something about the very different approaches to aquaculture management in the Nordic countries?

Are you burning for something that comes under the NMTT mission?
If yes, then why not start a debate on our NMTT homepage. You don't need to be a member.

In a think tank it is the ideas, the visions and the arguments that counts.

Welcome on-board!

Sten Sverdrup-Jensen
NMTT Chair.


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